September 25, 2020

Wusthof 7372/8Cordura 8-Pocket Knife Carrying Roll

Made of durable Cordura this knife roll will hold 8 knives. It has flexible construction with velcro closures at the handle. The interior flap also closes securely with a velcro closure. In addition the roll has an outside pocket to hold pens and other accessories.This Cordura knife tote from Wüsthof lets you take your knives on the road without risking their necks. With elasticized pockets for up to eight knives, the case features a durable soft construction and Velcro closures on the flap and handle. The tri-fold construction is both protective and easy to access, with a zippered inner flap to keep knives separated from each other. Additional pockets inside and out store your pens, business cards, and miscellaneous supplies. Wüsthof also sews in side hooks, should you care to add a shoulder strap. Folded shut for travel, the case measures 20 by 6-1/2 inches. –Emily Bedard

Product Features

  • 8 Pocket Cordura Roll
  • Rugged cordura material
  • Additional storage compartments
  • Convient carrying handle
  • Made in China

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2 thoughts on “Wusthof 7372/8Cordura 8-Pocket Knife Carrying Roll

  1. Review from the “Line” I am a line cook and have this bag for 3 months. I carry this bag to work w/ me everyday. And unfortunately….. First off its already falling apart. Seams are coming undone, things you would understand are normal wear and tear but you’d also expect it to last more than three months. Secondly; I’ve noticed this comment made, it doesn’t come w/ a strap. Funny thing is it has a ring on each end of the bag for a strap to connect to? Third the quality isn’t strong enough to withstand knives that…

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