Wusthof Epicure Utility Knife 3966-7/12 , 4½”

The engineers at Wüsthof went back to the cutting board and spent two years designing a new collection from scratch. The result: The most innovative and technically advanced Western knives we’ve ever offered. ALL-NEW DESIGN FROM BLADE TO BOLSTER TO HANDLEExtra knuckle clearance. Perfect balance. From USA-made Epicurean handle to wide, ceramic-coated blade, it’s by design that an Epicure knife feels like it belongs in your hand. REVOLUTIONARY CERAMIC-COATED BLADEEach blade has been treated with a revolutionary invisible ceramic coating to make cleanup easy, prevent food from sticking and protect against damage over time. NEWLY REDESIGNED WIDER BLADES ARE MORE USER-FRIENDLYEngineer Bjorn Berger designed the wider blade shapes with a slight curve to enhance stability, comfort, and knuckle clearance. ULTRA-HYGIENIC AND ERGONOMIC EPICUREAN HANDLEThe Epicurean recycled-wood-fiber handles are made in the USA of the same silky smooth, ultra-durable material used to make professional cutting boards. NEW FORGED, ANGLED BOLSTER FOR INCREASED STABILITYTo create a knife of unmatched strength and stability, the experts at Wüsthof used almost 200 years of experience to rethink traditional bolster design. You’ll feel the results every time you use this knife. DOUBLE-RIVETED FULL-TANG HANDLEThe sturdy two-rivet handles are made of epicurean, a unique wood-fiber composite used in commercial kitchens that’s ultra-durable and hygienic. PRECISE CUTSPerfect for small tasks where more precise cuts are needed-such as trimming broccoli or other smaller vegetables. The utility knife is sometimes called a sandwich knife because it works well on almost everything that goes into a sandwich. Lifetime warranty. Hand wash. Made in Solingen, Germany.

Product Features

  • Forged from one piece of steel
  • Ultra hygienic Epicurean® wood fiber handles
  • Perfectly balanced with dynamic, modern lines
  • Extra knuckle clearance and smooth, comfortable handles

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