Wusthof PETEC Electric Sharpener 2933

Keep your fine cutlery in top notch condition with the Wusthof 2933 Chefs Choice New Electric Sharpener. This sharpener is easy to use and features a 3-stage design. Go from a diamond edge for sharpening down to a stropping material for fine honing. Use it to keep all your blades sharp, safe, and ready for use. About Wusthof Since their humble beginnings in 1814, the Wusthof family business has adhered to the same basic set of principles regarding their products. Their Trident logo is a representation of these principles, a symbol of form, function, and uncompromising quality. Today, Wusthof stands firm behind a strong line of products, including an assortment of more than 350 forged knives, as well as cutting boards, knife blocks, kitchen tools, and scissors, all of which are produced by dedicated workers at state-of-the-art facilities in Solingen, Germany. 3-stage electric knife sharpener. Stage 1 features 100% diamond abrasive wheel. Stage 2 slot with a finer grit diamond wheel. Stage 3 with advanced stropping material to polish the blades. Precision edge technology enhances blade sharpness.

Product Features

  • 3-stage electric knife sharpener
  • Stage 1 features 100% diamond abrasive wheel
  • Stage 2 slot with a finer grit diamond wheel
  • Stage 3 with advanced stropping material to polish the blades
  • Precision edge technology enhances blade sharpness

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User Reviews and Comments

  1. NorthSouth says

    A better-er knife sharpener This sharpener does a really good job of sharpening the Wusthof knives, and probably any knife that has a similar shape. It takes a little practice to learn how not to gouge the starting spot (where the knife first contacts the wheel) on the knife; with the first wheel (coarse), especially, you must keep the knife moving — back-to-front, not up-to-down — to avoid grinding a notch in the blade. The second wheel is finer and less likely to gouge, the third wheel is a strop (pretty much just a…

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  2. MattSoCal says

    Keeps your Wusthof’s Razor Sharp I really like this sharpener and would have given it 5 stars except for one thing… It is silly that the area in front of the slots where you drag the knife through are made of such a soft plastic. I know why it is soft and not made of metal and that is to preserve the sharp edge you just created on your knife. However, I just wish it were replaceable.Other than that, it does exactly what it says and your knives will be RAZOR sharp. It really did make my Chef’s knife, which already…

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