September 26, 2020

Wüsthof SerratedBread Knife, 9-Inch

Whether cutting crusty bread or a soft tomato, this sharp, serrated bread knife from Wüsthof’s moderately priced Gourmet line performs with perfection. Made in Solingen, Germany, home of Wüsthof since 1814, Gourmet blades are precision-cut by laser from sheets of high-carbon, stain-resistant steel, resulting in a slightly thinner profile and lighter weight than the company’s revered forged steel blades. There is no bolster, but there is a full-tang. As with the more expensive Wüsthof Classic knives, Gourmet handles are made of a triple-riveted, black composite shaped to fit the hand comfortably.

The longer of two bread knives in the series, this one features a nine-inch blade and a distinctly sharp tip for piercing or spearing. Uses for the knife are many; in addition to bread and tomatoes, the serrated blade slices easily through large cakes, fruit cobblers, or quiche. An excellent gift for any baker or home cooking enthusiast, the knife is covered by a lifetime warranty and is dishwasher-safe, though Wüsthof recommends washing and drying its cutlery by hand. –Ann Bieri

Product Features

  • Wüsthof Gourmet bread knife; 9-inch serrated blade
  • Laser-cut from high-carbon, stain-resistant German steel
  • Full-tang, high-impact 3-rivet handle
  • Long-lasting sharp edge for cutting bread, cake, fruit
  • Made in Solingen, Germany; wash by hand; lifetime warranty

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2 thoughts on “Wüsthof SerratedBread Knife, 9-Inch

  1. excellent knife! Although this is a stamped blade, it is a very well made knife. Instead of a ‘tooth’ style serrated blade, it has a scalloped edge. It works beautifully on bread of any kind, cuts right through any crust without crushing the bread. Also cuts cakes cleanly. For bagels it works best if you lay the bagel flat.I’ve also used it to carve boneless roasts with good results. It doesn’t carve well though for turkeys and chickens (but then it’s not designed for that task.I’ve had…

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